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  2oth series TWO KNOWLEDGE OF GOD 12/03/2021 10:36am (UTC)
(by Dodong Baguiz)
The Two Knowledge of God
(20th Series)
The Ecclesiastical and Esoteric Knowledge of God
          While Joseph and Maria were in deep sleep, the Lord God kept on talking to both of them in dreams. They wee told how important is the first son of Mary who no other than Jesus, and they were blessed by god for them to be the true husband wife. These are the words used by god: “TE EJETUR CLIMINTISIME ADORATOR PATER PER JESUM CHRISTUM FILIUM TUOM DOMINUS NOSTRUM SUPLICES ROHAMUS ET PITEMUS UTE ACEPTA VINI DEUS MEUS EMPITATER EGOTE BAPTIZEL ELIAP MACMAMITAM ADONAI PODERUM DEUS TUMITOM HOCMITAC RATUSAC AMPILAM GUAM EXEMENARAO MUNDUM SALVUM.” While the event was going on, the people gathered around them were astonished upon seeing a glaring light on the stomach of Mary which to them looked like the light from the sun. Along with what the people saw, they heard multiple voices singing which came from heaven and the light spread all over the sacred place of ESSENNE, and the more the people became so astonished.
          Meantime, the two (Joseph and Mary) who were in deep sleep wee being talked to by the Lord god they were given divine words that will serve as their guide in the time of pregnancy of Mary. Before they woke up the next morning, the Lord God told them that beginning at that time Mary starts being pregnant, and when they woke up, they right away announced to all their followers that Mary was already pregnant to a baby boy who will become the Messiah of the world, and all of them were so happy about the big news.
          In the first month of her pregnancy, Mary oftentimes cried out in pain because she was always threatened by the dragons to kill her and the child. Beyond their expectation on the third month of Mary’s pregnancy, the soldiers intruded into the compound of ESSENNE and killed almost all the house occupants. Some of ESSENNE members fled to unknown places in Jerusalem, including Joseph and Mary.
          In the year 130 A.D., there was a place in Israel that was discovered to have been used as mass grave as evidenced by multiple skeletons of human being believed to be members of ESSENNE during the time of Joseph and Mary. This incident became the reason why in the Middle East there are only a few Christians and mostly are Muslims. The Christians during that time were the objects of unlawful and unreasonable killings by the soldiers.
          This event is not mentioned in the Holy Bible. Maybe the reason is that they did not want that the Christian believers will be deceived. However, it is surprising because in our observation there is no Christian who is a native of Arabian countries and if ever there is, they are very few or very rear. WATCH FOR MORE!!!
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ISAIAH 37:32
For out of Jerusalem shall go forth a remnant, and out of Mount Zion survivors. The Zeal of the LORD of hosts shall perform this

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